My Top Favourite Affordable Wine Selections

my favorite all time wineWine is a hobby that can become incredibly expensive–I’m sure at this point that everyone knows this by now.

It’s even worse when it’s not just a hobby but it actually turns into a passion which also turns into a habit.

I’m not saying that wine as a habit is bad–a glass a day is good for your health after all. But it can make a significant dent in your paycheck if you are collecting those really expensive bottles of wine. Continue reading

The Leeds Accounting Wine Tasting Event of the Year

Event for a Leeds accounting companyWe have once again started promoting our wine tasting events this year as the weather starts to warm up.

And last weekend we had the pleasure of hosting NCBF Accountancy that have an office in Leeds. The day started off at about 2pm and we were happy to host 8 people from their main accountants office.

The order of the day was mainly reds, as we always start our days off with the favourites of the group, some of which can be found here.

As well as a large selection of reds, we also like to put on a finger buffet to help soak of some of the vintage we have on offer (for those that like to swallow).

The leader of the group, Joe, seemed very taken with wines from the Napa Valley, and even took a few bottles home with him :)

Drinking Wine with Your Cat?

When you think of wine you almost never make any sort of connection to cats. I mean, why would you? Cats have got absolutely nothing on earth to do with wine, so there is no actual connection that you can make in between them. Unless of course you always have your cat with you for company when you drink. Then I would understand why you would have an association there.


However, now there actually is a reason to associate cats with wine: Nyan Nyan Nouveau! What is Nyan Nyan Nouveau, you may ask? Well it’s a little bit old, but I actually just heard about it so I’m certain that a lot of people don’t know about it yet too. I call myself a wine lover but I’ve never even heard about Nyan Nyan Nouveau before.

You see Nyan Nyan Nouveau is actually a wine that was developed and targeted specifically for your beloved furry (or not so furry!) little feline.Yeap, you read that right… people have actually developed wine for cats now. Unbelievable, right?

Nyan Nyan Nouveau
To be honest with you I still don’t understand why people would even want to create wine for cats–just as much as I cannot for the life of me understand why cafes are popping up all over the place where ‘puppucinos’ are the norm. Puppucinos…cappucinos for dogs. Get it? It’s odd, but to each their own… I guess there really are just a lot of spoiled pets out there in the world!


The company B&H Lifes sure knew how to take advantage of peoples’ propensity to spoil their pets rotten… They made the bottle in Japan (hence “nyan nyan” which in Japan translates to “meow meow”), and sold it for 399 yen (roughly $4) each. I could only imagine the slogan for that one… “now you can drink with your cat–get a bottle and find the best dry cat food to buy and have a party!”.

How to Get a Bottle
If you want to spoil your cat with a bottle of the finest Nyan Nyan Nouveau well I’m sorry to disappoint you… unfortunately this variety of wine apparently came out in 2013, and as far as I know they have only made 1000 bottles of it, meaning it is rare and pretty much likely to be all gone at this point. That plus they only came out in Japan, so unless you can track down a collector who bought a bottle, then you can forget all about getting one for yourself.

Before You Freak Out
There is no actual alcohol in the wine–it’s only juice of cabernet grapes mixed in with a bit of catnip, so there’s no need to worry.

Here’s a video featuring this bizzare drink for cats:

If somehow you manage to secure a bottle for yourself, they say that grapes can be quite dangerous to cats (apparently some components in it are toxic to felines)–so give it to them at your own risk!